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Monday, November 22, 2010

at the peak of eagle peak

i will try to impress you with biggest photo sizes posted here thus far just to attempt to tell you how much impressed i was, and still am, with the beauty of the trail and scenery in the mt. rainier national park. the remark may sound silly; it is "just" a national park after all that so many did, do, and will agree on its grand nature, the rainier nature. nature.
i sure hope you've got a larger monitor.

just before the peak. (note an unidentified volcano, UV, on the horizon to the right, UV-B)

at the peak

the most impressive photo of the series! (mt. rainier is third wheel to the right)

note my glacial-burned eye bags and nostrils i discussed in the first post on the climb. also, i am not an elephant-man; i used a wide-angle lens at close proximity.
tina's nose suffered too.

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  1. dobar otaj kenon sirac. bas me nasmijala ova zadnja slika ;D