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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

new gallery and prints available

i took the time to create a new gallery from where you can now order prints. exciting, right?

the first set i'd like to feature here is the washington one. pretty soon i will feature another washington set but it will in black & white.

the prints are available in three sizes and there are mounting options too. i hope you find a few good ones for your wall or your friend's. some of my favorite photos are beginning to be assorted there.

the photo here before us was taken midway up (or down) the manastash ridge, conveniently located in then-snowy, early 2011 december ellensburg. no real surprise about the photo location considering how many photos from one of my most-frequented trails have been featured on these pages.

the view from up here was memorable.

i like how the scenery presented itself there: the bottom, and the darkest triangle (surface) in the photo is blocking the full view of the kittitas valley - the upper, brightest-toned and sandwiched triangle. the top half of the photo is less tonally bright and it features windmills of the wild horse facility. they are capped off by a single, bright cloud. i thought i should mention all the obvious. some folk prefers reading about the visuals.
compositionally, this is one my dearest and richest manastash ridge photos where the photo elements arranged themselves pleasantly.
i climbed the ridge many, many times but i didn't encounter a similar composition ever before or since.

the rest of the series, is again, available for your viewing pleasure here. enjoy, if you must!

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