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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


the last photo, seemingly un-coastal although somewhat summer-ish, could've been easily posted sometime in the future as an abstract take on weed. but; tina and i have been running and walking along this trail plenty of times and i remember it through the sweaty eyes and lost breath, and all the time tripping over it while selecting photos for the series.

today's photo will help dilute the taste of the occasional weed. it almost didn't make the album where i keep personal pulitzers (pronounced: poop-litzers). it had seemed plain and empty with yet too much going on in it; just a bad combo. i changed my mind in the meantime because i've come up with a context for it. for all its neighborhoods and people, the coast can be a very desolate, vast space and the only people you pass by for miles (kilometers) can be the simplified ones on traffic signs.
and that is a good sign.

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