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Monday, April 9, 2012

don't forget me!

there were other words i had strung up for this entry at some point. a few wrong clicks later*, select-all, and blogger auto-saved the changes that now included a blank page...the post was as gone as a long unsaved email.

there were some important thoughts on the wenatchee river and a snow bank blocking the parking to this location, all on my way back from the namesake lake to ellensburg; my blog-regular rant on the beautiful washington and how i was on top of it to seize it all. yawn.

cracked rock and more trees across the river

*as i was winking at the screen, rubbing my nose, bitting my lower lip, crossing my legs and hitting my ankle against a table leg and finally trying to scratch the itch inconveniently located under my mouse-operating-hand shoulder blade...

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