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Thursday, March 22, 2012

spring at irene

i used to run in irene frequently.
one fine day while i was catching my breath and shielding my eyes from the low afternoon sun this shithshow of young branches and glistening water appeared before me. the spring of 2011 had been gaining momentum. trotting along i thought how nicely this scene captured the playfulness of the spring going strong.

it was scheduled to be my last spring in irene.
i already said a farewell to the winter with even less blog-fanfare. i still remember my first day in irene three early springs ago. i was like a dog carefully sniffing my new photographic playground, unaware but hopeful that one day she would see me write a contrived farewell blog post. frankly, the first time my friends took me there i was made aware that park over by the neighborhood was named dogtown and that both were prone to flooding. i never thought i'd be relearning photography in this place. but i did know where not to rent an apartment.

spring branches by the sparkly yakima

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