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Friday, December 17, 2010

until soon sanFran

the conference has ended. so has my last year's sanFran series.

i squandered my serving of luck in life for many years to come by having this shot. how often do you think a bird, two boats and a "surfer" align as so to a casually strolling croatian carring a camera along the presidio shores?

a little bit of everything in most corners of the photo and a sail boat in the middle. this time i had to wait, probably under a minute for the elements to come together. had i had to wait for more than a minute i would have walked away to let something else align themselves for me. geez nature! 

that dude in the middle of the photo could have easily been me. but it ain't. the guy with an actual camera could have been me but that's a no go too because the guy is too chubby. there you have it!

so all three photos are long the presidio shores. i could make up a whole blog just for san francisco. for those who have visited sanFran this should not come as a surprise. this frickin' town is worth all of its glamorous reputation.

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  1. SanFran sucks. I cant wait you to come back to homeland. I'll take you to Keendrawo again to refresh your memory. Certainly in the top five places that should be visited before you die.