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Friday, December 3, 2010

once seen pictures from sanFran

from all the photos from sanFran and all the trips to this unique place i chose this photo to remind you of the photos from one of my agu pilgrimages. it always amuses me how to my non-native ears pilgrimage and pillage sound so close. and village. i guess sometimes things do happen in that order.
and who knows how my quasi-creative mind works.
and just when i was ready to get this out i find the following:

A visitor to Picasso's studio found the artist gazing disconsolately at a painting on the easel. "It's a masterpiece," said the visitor, hoping to cheer him up.

"No, the nose is all wrong," Picasso said. "It throws the whole picture out of perspective."

"Then why not alter the nose?"

"Impossible," replied Picasso. "I can't find it."*


the photo was taken from my hotel room window in december (but of course!) of 2007. i think i took less than a dozen photos during that agu. what a sad soul i must have been.
i didn't care about the photo at the time. i don't find it exquisite now either. it seems to work in this particular context. and a setting sun does a little bit of finger pointing to that urban-photography magic of sanFran.

oh, and the photos from the 2009 conference are right here!

ps. don't delete your old "unsuccessful" photos. and don't refuse a hotel room with a view of an alley either!

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