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Saturday, December 11, 2010

more snow from last season

it's snowed many times over this season while i still have some snow left from the last one.

mt. bachelor, oregon

a late and cold oregon evening throws in a beautiful blue/magenta cast onto the white snow. which is where i fell off the skis twice trying to swivel out the camera from the backpack side pocket. when the scene is right you have to frame that bitch and snap the shutter no matter what, in spite of the shivers from being sweaty.
i could have un-clipped the skis and taken off the backpack. yes.

i like it very much how the groomed tracks, snow banks and the ski lift running down from the skies meet at the center of the photo.

tina and i made it all the way from and back to our little village in one day so that i could capture this. she drove both ways. and i didn't even navigate. si, she is awesome.
and we also skied.
and i snapped away a photo of yeti as a bonus.
and what a day.

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