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Friday, December 31, 2010

more b&w trees

it one was the last scan from the roll i bothered to look at and readied for an album.
i was equally not crazy about while i was framing it. i did like the puffy cloud above and the mildly hatched combo of shadows, light on the ridge face, and the tips of the trees below. realizing how fast the cloud was moving i swapped hastily the lens on my camera for the wrong one. i had brought only three primes. i eventually got the right lens locked in and, while framing the shot, realized that the cloud had moved too far to the left and was not sitting right on top of the trees any more. symmetry ruined and opportunity lost. i didn't even use a red filter to darken the medium bright blue sky to bring out the white cloud. i didn't bring it because i don't own one. a landscape photographer my ass. and i released the shutter. i think it was the second to last frame on the roll or so.
now i like the photo.

while i am at changing my mind, here is another photo from the same stream of photo consciences.

it turns out (they say) you don't want curvy things (roads, tracks, etc.) to lead the eye outside the photo, you want just the opposite. i thought of this old-photography wives' tale while figuring out what to do with the scene. i released the shutter eventually. i just liked the scene and i couldn't have had the tracks go where i wanted them anyway.
it looks to me like there are elements of composition in the photo: one nice little element in each unequal-area quadrant.
i wish i spent more time on my better photos.

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